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4 years ago

When QAC runs TestComplete it shows Failed.

I created a Testcomplete Test#A in c:\some\directory\A.pjs

test passed


I defined a Test 

I added Automation tab to run test #A

-  in testcomplete

-  on computer#450

-  run in place

-  where test to run = A.pjs

-  where local path = c:\some\directory\

in QAC, the test result shows Failed

I removed everything except return(true) from Testcomplete Test#A in c:\some\directory\A.pjs

ran it again and the QAC test result shows Failed

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    The log file will show why.  There is, most likely, something still not set right somewhere and the logs will help diagnose.  Can you include screenshots of the logs, please?

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      Thanks tristaanogre!

      KCarper Could you provide the Community with more info?