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4 years ago

TestComplete Azure re-run failed tests



I am running TestComplete tests in Azure using the TestComplete test adapter. I noticed that the Visual Studio Test task has an option to re-run failed tests (much like the recently added feature for TestComplete).

However when I enable this option the pipeline errors out when trying to re-run any tests, saying that it couldn't find any tests to run.

It runs the tests again with the filter

FullyQualifiedName=<ProjectSuite>.testitem:<Project>\\<test case name>

Which I think it doesn't understand.


Is there a way to make the azure pipeline re-run the failed the tests, the same way that TestComplete itself can?


I am thinking I might have to change to just call TestExecute from a script, but I don't know if TestExecute can export JUnit to be consumed by the pipeline. From what I can tell, Smartbear recommends to use TestComplete test adapter with Visual Studio Test

  • Got a response today:

    "Sorry for the delay.

    Our developers were able to make a workaround to make this feature work in Azure DevOps. This workaround will be included in the next release of TestComplete test adapter. This next release should be out sometime Thursday. Make sure to upgrade the TestAdapater extension and see if you run into any problems.

    Thank you!"


    I will test it out next week and check if it works 😄

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      I created a support ticket and so far have got a response saying they're looking into it:


      "Thank you for creating a case!

      We are looking into this issue. I will let you know when I have an update.

      Thank you!"


      I will post any further replies here

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        New update:
        "Our developers think this may be a bug on the Microsoft end. They filed a ticket to find out what might be happening. I will let you know when we hear from them."