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7 years ago

How to get window information, if it disappears very quick ?

Hello,   I try to automate installation proces and it looks a bit difficult.  Let's say the main window of the installer is 500 pixels width and 300 pixel height. I have to press "Next" button few ...
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    7 years ago

    Well, it did not work as I expected. It produced the code like this:


    wndWixExtBA = Aliases.Micromedical_Installer.wndWixExtBA
    wndWixExtBA.Click(251, 54)
    wndWixExtBA.Click(253, 98)
    wndWixExtBA.Click(255, 128)


    But i found maybe not a perfect solution, but I found idea that help me solve my problem. While some automation script has been running, I invoke Test1() function every second line:


    def Test1():
      result=Sys.Process("Micromedical*", 2).Window("WixExtBA", "Micromedical*", 1).FindAll("FullName","*",1000)
      for element in result:
        if (element.VisibleOnScreen == True):


    My log contains now some information, that lets me make a deeper analyze and lets find what I have been looking for.