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7 months ago

How to contact smartbear expert to get Test Execute working

I have a project created in TestComplete in my local machine.

We have TestExecute installed in agents which is different machine.

We have azure dev ops to connect to agent and start execution.

Could someone please guide through ADO integration process.

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      I have tried these steps whereas unable to achieve, Let me have another look and give a try. Thanks

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    Regular Contributor

    Please explain what you are seeing when you queue the Job.

    Does the agent running on the remote machine show that it got the job to start processing it ?
    Does TestExecute start up on the remote computer ?
    What errors are presented back ?
    etc ...

    This would help in trying to find the area you are in to debug ad get it working for you.

    I have the above setup working for me.

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      Yes agent has been set up and able to kick start pipeline from Azure.

      Looks like facing issue with browser launch.

      Is there possible of screen lock issue ?