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10 years ago

8.1.8100 installation issues

I'm installing an older client due to the version of the server that my company is running. My computer is Windows 7, 64-bit. As the files begin extracting during the installation process, about a quarter of the way done I get a popup stating "C:\Program Files\Collaborator Client\ui\plugins\ Could not create this file. Shall I try again?" Yes/No/Cancel.

This started as a new Collaborator install, I initially tried v. 8.5, which is when I found out we're running an older server that requires 8.1.8100. I got that version  from the SmartBear archives, which is when I first encountered the message above, I have run the install probably 15 times, mostly as administrator, deleted the install directory (almost) every time, rebooted  a few times, shut down possibly conflicting applications (e.g. Test Architect repository), clicked "Yes" to try again 2,674 times (just kidding, but clicked 4-5 times on 4-5 different install attempts). Yes, I'm using the 64 bit client installation file and there are no other versions of Collaborator either installed or running.

Thanks for  your suggestions/insights.
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