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Win10: TC14.1: Object Spy issue with Edge for a sign in popup

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Win10: TC14.1: Object Spy issue with Edge for a sign in popup

Win10 : TC14.1 : Edge 11.0.17763.592


I am automating a web based application.

I initially started with IE11 and I am working in the fwk working with Edge and Chrome.


This web app has a sign in pop up.

So I have successfully ObjectSpy'd the window from IE11 and Chrome where it can recognize the popup sign in window.

This finds the window and the username and password textboxes.


When I try the same approach with Edge, ObjectSpy is just recognizing the whole complete browser window.

It does not penetrate further in, nor to the sign in pop up window nor the username and password textboxes.


I have aways used IE11. So learning the ins/outs of Edge and Chrome settings for TestComplete ... I could be missing a setting here somewhere.


Need some suggestions and help here.


I have looked over the Preparing Edge for Web Testing.

KB4051963  - I do not think I have this installed - how important is this. Will it solve the above issue?





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I don't know exactly if it will solve your issue, but I know that the preparation instructions that are given for each browser are what Support has determined will allow TestComplete to work best on the browsers.  


If it was me, I would install that patch as well as not skipping any of the other steps.  Then, if you still have a problem, you can tell Support that you've done what was published and it still didn't work.


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Just getting back to this one.


So I am on a Win10 x64 based  Build 1809 and 1903


So KB4051963 seems to be based against 1709 build.


When trying to apply patch, it is invalid.


Does/Did ? KB4051963 get folded into the Build 1809 and 1903




That's a question for Support.  Here's the link:

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Edge is a Windows Store application... so, to test it, you need to enable that.  Tools -> Options -> Engines -> General.  There's a check flag there for Windows store applications.  If that's not checked, check it, restart TestComplete, and see if that fixes it.

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That setting was already turned on.


So the original stated issue of TestComplete not penetrating the Edge browser to recognize

this pop-up login window still exists.


I may go ahead per Marsha's suggestion and submit a Ticket.



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