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27 days ago

Keyword Test - Click - use -1, -1 by default?

Hi all,

When recording my tests, i noticed that from time-to-time control clicks are recorded using x=-1 and y=-1 (basically clicking at the center of the control).

This is perfect and what I want most of the time.

But sometimes I noticed that the recording is done using a fixed relative position. Is there a way to prevent that, at least for certain controls?

Most of the time I won't pay too much attention to this, but in some of my UI the controls may resize itself based on the space available and therefore any Click keyword not using -1, -1 will fail since the click would be attempted outside the control.

So is there a way to control the default behavior of this?

Thank you

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      That would be in the script, yes. This can be done.

      But i was wondering more about the default recording behavior. I would like to avoid recording Click actions with fixed positions. (or at least define it for certain control type).

      Its not a big deal, but can save some debugging time when the UI changes and we did not pay attention to this