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6 years ago

Default description on a keyword test

When I add a step to a keyword test, the Description is added by default. For instance, if I add a script routine, the description "Runs Script routine" is added to that step of the keyword test. Is it possible to have these descriptions for any keyword addition NOT enter a default description? 

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    As far as I know... no.  That's just something that shows up.  You can hide the description column if you want to so it doesn't display on screen, but the default is always added.

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      Hi vthomeschoolmom,

      Hiding the Description column (as tristaanogre suggested) can make the trick. 

      Just a follow-up question, if you don't want to see a default description, what behavior do you expect?

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        I want the description, I just don't want the default value there. I want to either see nothing, or something that the tester has chosen as useful to put there.