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Log format

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by SumanthKotha on ‎10-19-2016 12:16 PM
It would be good if we have an option to make some portion of text with in a single log statement to bold, italic etc. Example: "User Name text box is entered as SUMANTH." for this log statement I want to bold SUMANTH remaining text as normal.



I would like to ask for the implementation of the FindAllAliases() method that functions like .FindAllChildren() one.

The reason for this request is that Java can provide its security and confirmation windows from either 'javaw' or 'jp2launcher' processes, so it is convenient to create a manemapping that uses conditional mapping by process name and then write test code in the form of Aliases.Java.<whateverMethod> without the necessity to take care of what Java process is started.

Unfortunately, this approach does not work when more that one javaw/jp2launcher processes are started (this may happen if the tested web page contains different Java controls/components). In this case one must get all Java processes via the call to FindAllChildren that neglects that whole idea of namemapping.

The expected use case for the requested method is like this (VBScript pseudocode):

arrJavas = Aliases.FindAllAliases("Java") ' will return an array that contains references to both javaw and jp2launcher processes

For Each oProcess In arrJavas

  If (oProcess.WaitWindow(...).Exists) Then


  End If



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Make Tools-->Options panel resizeable

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by Community Leader on ‎10-21-2016 03:11 AM

I have been fighting many times with the Options panel to click OK bcz it hides behind the task bar.


I know It is possible to click OK using tab and placing the Task-bar Horizontally. However If the Options panel is resizable then i can put full-stop to my problem.


I hope this will not be a big change.


PFA for the better understanding of my issue.

Automatically logging defects to JIRA

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by sharmanehaynr on ‎06-08-2016 04:28 AM



Though TestComplete provided integration with JIRA,we have to manually log defect for each failed item from Testcomplete.


As a work around currently i have created a DLL using JIRA REST API and integrated it with test complete to log a new defect in JIRA when a test item fails and also link it to required JIRA test case.(Plus add the logs)


Can we have a mechanism to automatically log bugs to JIRA,say a setting in Project properties with option "YES" or "NO" if we want to log the defects in JIRA for failed items when test suite stops.

If a test fails,rerun it and if it fails again log a defect in JIRA.






When you start TestComplete or TestExecute, it checks for available updates. 

When there are updates found it displays message, something like this:





If you click on "No, remind me later", you can't go back! To make another choice

You see this menu:




and can't go back to previous menu to apply the updates now (for example).

This is pretty annoying. I request to add menu option to go back to previous screen.








BDD integration in TestComplete

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by ‎06-24-2016 09:15 AM - edited ‎06-27-2016 01:14 AM


I like the BDD principles and was investigating it's potential application combined with TestComplete. 

Read this, this, this and this article on it.


Personally I have come to the conclusion that BDD has definitely potential but the frameworks currently investigated (Lettuce, Cucumber) require way to much fragile configuration (settings project folders name, test names, etc, etc) to be able to use this effectively in Contiuous Delivery / Continuous Integration alike approaches. In practise you end up maintaining the configuration files, editing connection / integration scripts to keep 'alive' the integration between Cucumber/Lettuce and TestComplete.


Therefore, I would go for a BDD framework within TestComplete (or another product from SmartBear) which can guaranty integrity of BDD features/specifications/test-steps on the one hand, and the actual tests/validations (wheter these are scripts or Keyword tests) on the other hand.


I would like to see this implemented in either TestComplete itself (sort of like currently Manual Testing (and the conversion to automated tests) is supported (but this is going to be depreciated unfortunately but that's another subject), or in a seperate tool which would then be required to be very well integrated with TC (such as like sharing variables, parameters, etc).


When supported in TestComplete itself it could be placed in "advanced node" in a project, for example. And this module would be able to read (import) .feature files like the GIVEN/WHEN/THEN , Gherkin language support. After importing the test/QA engineer would do his/her work to 'knot' the features and the tests together in the framework.


By keeping this all in one tool would prevent ending up in constantly updating settings like updating configuration files, (re)define directories if projects are moved, etc. That's exactly what's NOT needed in CI/CD environments.




Similar, but not the same as, - I require the option to pass a list of tests to run to TE from the command line.


This list could be comma separated with TE iterating through the list. I should need to create a custom-coded application to do this or use a series of batch files.


This is to run specific test items, not just groups i.e. I may want to run five test items from three different groups whether they are marked as enabled or not in the TC project. Editing the TC project to accommodate this should not be necessary.

I have some improvements to mention, in the Logs tab of TestComplete:


1. Currently, the Logs only display graphical results of Projects and Project Suits.

If you run keyword tests, script tests, unit tests, etc, no graphs are displayed.

I would like to have graphs on all runned tests, selectable by type (Keyword tests, Script tests, Unit tests).


2. In the grid above currently you cannot filter on test types (Keyword tests, scripts). 

Please include a column to filter on test types. And (if possible) generate the graph according to the selection made.


3. Insert a title above the bar, to clarify what the graphs represents: Project suite runs, Project runs, Keyword tests (if implemented, etc).



Add ability for commandline option "/ExportLog" to export html

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by ‎11-15-2016 02:06 PM - edited ‎11-16-2016 11:41 AM

Hi all,


Currently the command line option "ExportLog" allows the user to export either mht or the proprietary .tcLogX format of TC/TE per the help:


"/ExportLog:File_name (or /el:File_name) - Commands TestExecute to export test results to an .MHT or .tcLogX file specified by the File_name parameter after the test run is over.


Important: File_name should specify the name of a non-existent file. If it specifies an existing file, TestExecute will fail to run the test.

It is recommended that File_name specify the fully-qualified file name. If the parameter value does not include the folder path, TestExecute saves the file to the current working folder (by default, it is the project folder)."


However, Chrome does not support .mht files (and surprisingly it is not easy to add support, I have tried. I swore there would have to be a good plugin to do this) and of course tcLogX is not easily viewable unless through TC (another feature request for Smartbear to create a simple tcLogX viewer app? Smiley Very Happy)


In script you can use the Log.SaveResultsAs to save to html easy enough and put this line in the Engine stop event.


My request is to simply allow access to the html option of Log.SaveResultsAs through the "ExportLog" commandline option. 



- Any browers can read the file easily

- I can export the html to an intranet web server and easily share the results with other staff internally 

Way to export Code metrics

Status: New Idea
by Community Leader on ‎11-17-2016 08:57 AM

Code metrics having all the data which i wanted and it very good have this option in Test Complete.


However, If the Code metrics can be exportable to Excel sheet or notepad then that would make even better for sharing the details to my leads and my co-workers.


I'm expecting this could be a good option which a good tool like Test Complete should have.

edit Name Mapping any time

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by on ‎03-12-2015 09:59 AM

Give an option to allow editing of Name Mapping even when application isn't open. 


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Export Multiple Log Files at a Time

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by on ‎04-02-2015 02:15 PM

Exporting individual log files to mht files is far too tedious because they must be done and named individually. It would be helpful to have the ability to export multiple log files, perhaps through a right-click context menu, The name of the individual files could be the current name in the node.

Status: New Idea

It would be awesome if TC can provide a dark themes and more syntax highlighting just like Visual Studio / Eclipse. 


Also option to select function. 

If I type object. then a drop-down box will appear listing all functions that can be used for this object. 

If I choose/type the wrong function, then the editor will give me a red cross right away reminding me that that object cannot call that function, without running the script. 






















Also when debugging the code and putting some breakpoints, it would be nice if TC can show what value does this variable currently have when user hover his mouse on that variable where break-point is set.  Easier to debug the code. 




Add debug buttons to floating balloon

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by oleg_sigalov on ‎04-20-2015 07:09 AM - last edited on ‎04-20-2015 10:13 AM by Moderator Moderator

Dark Themes

Status: New Idea
by coffee on ‎12-06-2016 09:37 PM

Dark theme IDE like Visual Studio / Eclipse / Netbeans would be awesome. 



BrowserStack (and websites like it) allow user to test on numerous devices without having to spend money on the hardware. It would be nice if Testcomplete would be able to run its mobile tests on the multiple devices BrowserStack offers.

Copy and paste config items in Data Generator Wizard

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by on ‎12-13-2016 06:39 AM - last edited on ‎12-21-2016 02:48 AM by Moderator Moderator

I have some improvements to mention, regarding TestComplete's Data Generation Wizard:


First one:

For test data purposes, I have to create multiple columns with same data characteristics.


Now, I have Insert every line manually. 


Would be handy if TC's Data Generator Wizard be extended with a Copy function (which copy the selected line including all the selected parameters), and inserts it in the grid. Would save a lot of time now for me if this function is available.





During Script development, when we call a function from one to another(using Code Completion), if the calling function has parameters then that should be displayed in the current function as we have option in the Eclipse.


function fn_samplewithparameters(str_inputname,obj_label)
      //funtion statements


Current behavior:
function my_test()



Expected behavior:

function my_test()


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scripting access to TC treeview controls

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by on ‎05-10-2016 11:34 PM
  • Test log
  • Project Explorer
  • ODT trees

I want to be able to

  • navigate through the tree
  • open/Close Folders
  • execute contextmenu functions on tree items


Make the errors logs clickable links to Object Browser

Status: New Idea
by TonySS ‎01-12-2017 07:24 AM - edited ‎01-12-2017 07:29 AM



When you click on the error message cell in the above table, it navigates back to the keyword/script line.

It would be nice if you can click on the object name in the screen shot and navigate back to the Object Browser

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