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Project Suite Logs as Tab

Status: New Idea
by TonySS ‎12-15-2016 08:06 AM - edited ‎12-15-2016 08:08 AM

Testcomplete has only 2 tabs:

Object Browser

Project Workspace

 New project log tab.png

Can we add a new tab for Project Logs tab?

I often switch back between logs results and Workspace when debugging my testscripts.

if I have a long list of logs, navigating back to a keyword test and to the bottom of the last log in the project explorer is slow.


Passing Code Expression as Parameter Value in Keyword Test

Status: New Idea
by ‎10-25-2015 05:45 PM - edited ‎10-25-2015 05:52 PM

It would be useful to be able to pass a code expression as a parameter to keyword tests. I have the need to pass dates to a keyword tests (object type is fine) but have no ability to specify a code expression as the parameter (second image). As an example I would like to pass four weeks from today as the EndDate: aqDateTime.AddDays(aqDateTime.Today(), 28)







This sort of code is unmaintainable: 




Block commenting of scripts

Status: Implemented
by cdichoso on ‎10-08-2015 02:12 PM

I've been using TestComplete on both Keyword and Script (i.e. also for JScript and VBScript). I just thought it would be nice for TestComplete to have a feature of selecting a block of script and be able to either click a button or a shortcut that automatically comments out the lines of code.

Data driven testing: implement auto-iterate through table

Status: New Idea
by ‎03-02-2016 05:11 AM - edited ‎03-02-2016 06:16 AM

See my posting here


Currently you have to use another separate persistent variable (on project level) to auto iterate through a data table with just 1 row, each test run.


It would be an enhancement if this feature be implemented more efficient (for example with a tick box "keep track on last used row and pick next row" (or something similar) in the Row/Column selection screen.


I hope it is clear what I mean.





EDIT: Additional note, also implement this for reading data out of Excel files (the solution I described here DOES NOT work if you read data out of Excel)

So we've got a login test the has parameters (started with just UserName and Password). As we add new parameters to the test we have to go find every place that the login test was called and double click the line that calls said test and wait for TestComplete to inform us that the amount of parameters is different, do you want to update?


Of course we want to update! We can't run the test without errors until we update. Even if the new parameter is optional, TestComplete still errors out when calling the test without the new parameter.


I'm even OK if you have to prompt me and make me wait while you traverse through the whole project to find the calls to that updated test. It's still a heck of a lot better than me waiting for the tests to fail (because the errors only happen when the test is called during replay, not during compilation prior to the test run).

TestComplete 64bit version

Status: New Idea
by ‎04-26-2016 01:42 AM - edited ‎04-29-2016 06:17 AM

I would like to see TestComplete releases in 64 bit mode. Since more and more applications are becoming 64bit and (Virtual, Cloud) Operating Systems as well. Also OS'es are moving toward 64-bit. And with access to more memory, more scalability etc, I propose to release TestComplete in a native 64-bit variant.

While also keep releasing 32bit versions as well.





Censore Keyboard inputs

Status: Implemented
by alex_sagmeister on ‎03-29-2017 05:23 AM



it would be nice if it was possible to replace passwords in the TC log with "*****"..

A true/false parameter in functions like Testobj.SetText/Testobj.Keys where you can decide if the testlog entry should be censored would be nice.





Status: Implemented
Use @Bobik's solution: 

You can save your password into Project variable of 'Password' type.  And then use variable in script to hide the value.

I tried it and password wasn't posted to log.

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Test Complete should support webform+

Status: New Idea
by msqe-ops on ‎08-26-2016 06:02 AM



We are using webform+ as a platform to develop a different type of scripts. So we are looking for SmartBear Test Complete to support this platform.





Implement scan option (or update namemapping) during test run

Status: Accepted for Discussion
by ‎06-02-2016 08:54 AM - edited ‎06-07-2016 04:45 AM

As stated in this feature request, we work agile and the tester gets new applications versions (almost) on a daily basis.

The tester does not know which objects have been changed/deleted. And does not know which controls (object) are new.


This feature request is to enhance TestComplete with a feature:

It is to implement a 'scan' (or update namemapping feature) to scan the updated application so that the namemapping gets updated according to the updated application:

new objects are placed in the namemapping;

changes done in existing objects get updated in namemapping;

deleted objects are removed from namemapping.


After that the tester runs the script and it runs with no errors (because all changes are reflected in the namemapping prior to the test run), and also (but this is really a dream coming true), TestComplete marks the new but-not-yet-tested controls (in the Visualizer images for example). So that the tester can update the testscripts to new objects get tested as well. This is something like the current "Map object from screen" function, but with the difference that it scans the whole application (or screen based), and reflects the Name mapping repository automatically as well.


I realize this is a rather big feature request but I think allows Smartbear to become real market leader in test automation!!


Support Safari browser

Status: New Idea
by prasad_kumar_s on ‎08-07-2015 02:56 AM

We would need to perform cross browser testing. Our application support has for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. We are using Testcomplete for our automation. The main reason for using test complete tool for us is its support for all those browsers. But from 10.4 version the Safari support was removed. Due to this we are unable to run our automation script for Safari which incompletes our test coverage for cross browsers.


It would be great if you could support Safari browser. or else we have to forcefully move to a different tool which gives support for Safari.




Code templates work well, if You use them paragraph-wise.


But- if the template just contains some text to be added (e.g. some frequently used parameters for a function call) to the word You just typed? In this case the word is gone. This is annoying and shall be stopped.


SmartBear customer care tells me, the developers treat this as "planned and expected behavior". I do not understand this.

Ability to show link between Aliases and Name Mapping objects

Status: Implemented
by nebsta ‎05-12-2016 05:55 PM - edited ‎05-12-2016 06:58 PM

It would be useful to be able to show the link between an Alias object and an object in the Name Mapping. As time has gone on my Name Mapping has need to be updated as objects hierarchies have changed in my tested application, however, in order to prevent me from having to update all of my scripts and keyword tests I have left the Aliases in their original structure. It has now become difficult to identify which Alias objects relate to which Name Mapping objects. 

Status: Implemented

@HKosova has posted a solution here.

I'm not entirely expecting this one to go very far... but...

The architecture of the automated framework that I'm currently building has the majority of the code to be executed "hidden" in Script extensions. This makes it so that I can implement the framework in any project without having to worry about including a lot of code units.

HOWEVER... the framework still needs to have at least one method called from a Keyword operation or a Script code unit in order to fire off the test run... 

I would LOVE to be able to create a Test Item in Project -> Test Items that I can link the test item DIRECTLY to such a method without having to create the trivial code unit or keyword test.  Would make script extensions as an architecture framework that much more cooler...

first keywordtest has name 1;
second keywordtest has name 2;

keywordtest 2 calls keywordtest 1 (by using Run Keyword test command);

User deletes keywordtest 1 from projectexplorer.

Would be better if warning is displayed that keywordtest 1 is being used by keywordtest 2. And deleting test 1 would result in exception if keywordtest 2 is executed.

Make the errors logs clickable links to Object Browser

Status: New Idea
by TonySS ‎01-12-2017 07:24 AM - edited ‎01-12-2017 07:29 AM



When you click on the error message cell in the above table, it navigates back to the keyword/script line.

It would be nice if you can click on the object name in the screen shot and navigate back to the Object Browser

The existing default behaviour of the MSSCCI Perforce integration is very limiting, which requires multiple users to share the same Perforce Workspace.

BrowserStack support

Status: New Idea
by brook_grewcock on ‎03-31-2015 03:57 AM

It would be noce to be able to either:

  1. Run a distributed test on BrowserStack.
  2. Be able to recognise BrowserStack RDP session objects when it runs in a browser.
Status: New Idea

For initialisations and tear-down which applies to all test casses (e.g. server connection) it would be nice to have event handlers like OnStartTest /OnStopTest but at project and suite level.

Provide correct multi-user handling/shared mode

Status: New Idea
by ‎11-25-2016 06:28 AM - edited ‎11-25-2016 06:30 AM

TC is definitely not able to handle dynamically changed Project properties correctly in shared Project mode / multi-user mode.


I tried it with TC and TE running parallel, both dynamically changing the ODT tree: dynamical properties are changed by a first running TC/TE instance. When a second instance starts, it gets the properties in changed Status and changes them again. In case a third instance would start, it would get properties changed over and over. The property values You get depend on the call starting sequence of the instances and on their running time.

Using the silent mode of TE stores the changes without a Chance to Abort this.

At least, the second instance fortunately doesn't make the first instance's property readings inconsistent.


Similar things can be watched with the  TestedApplications Object.


It seems as if TC/TE gets a local snapshot of the central Project properties when starting a test run. When the test is finished, or in case of ODT even during the test run, changes are written back to the central Project store.


The correct way to handle this would be to

- get a local snapshot of the Project properties

- store any changes EXCLUSIVELY in this local snapshot

- enable the script programmer/user to save or disregard when the test run is over.


See also:

Hi all,


Related to my post here:


I would like to add a feature request for tracking performance between test runs and later presenting that in a graph. So this might be adding a function to aqPerformance such as:


aqPerformance.StorePerformanceMetrics(testRunId, data_y, data_x = TimeDate);


The user would define the value range for the x-axis which might default to time/date but could be set by the user to "build 1", "build 2", or an arbitrary string they would manage. Another param would be for the y-value which again might just be time in milliseconds but could also be a percentage of some sort.


Then a performance graph could be generated across various test runs i.e. builds.


Results for the current run could possibly be integrated with the Performance Counters tab in TC.


I will probably end up doing this myself for now by saving values in a db table but having something, even if only basic, in TC out-of-the-box would be helpful.



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