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New Idea

In my case, the mapped object will try their best to create the variable name. However, having the text start with a lower case works against our name mapping best practices.

for example, if i have page > form > button

The engine will create the following mapped objects.

 - formLoginform
  - textboxUsername


in my case we do not like the lower case.

So in order to fix this, i have to

 - Right click on the mapped object, click rename

 - Change the first character to be capitalized

 - Click yes

 - Realize that just changing the capitalization isn't good enough, and the application prevents me

 - Right click the mapped object, click rename

 - change the first character to be capitalized and add a random 2nd character

 - click yes

 - right click the mapped object, click rename

 - remove the added character

 - Click yes


Now do this for all 500 objects you have mapped.

It would be easier if changing the capitalization of a mapped object can override the aliases.

It would be nice if we could change the device being displayed by the mobile screen through script. In my case, I'm running a group of tests in TestComplete against a specific device, and I'm taking a screen recording of the desktop at the same time. After all the tests run against the device, the same group of tests will be run again using a different device. Unless I manually change the device being displayed, the mobile screen will only display the first device selected. This limits my ability to run tests overnight since I need to change the device displayed before each device's test run.

Spell check in code editor

Status: New Idea
by Community Leader on ‎09-06-2017 07:34 AM

We used to print the custom logs using Log options. It would be better if we have spell checker in TestComplete code editor.

Test groups are great for grouping test items that depend on each other for them to work. However if one of the test items in the group fails the entire group should fail and the test should move on to the next group.



Request is based on case #00250203.

Starting from version 59, Chrome can run in the headless mode. It may be beneficial if TestComplete can control Chrome running in the headless mode.

Could you guys please consider whether the implementation of the headless mode in Chrome makes it possible for TestComplete to drive the browser?






I have a ProjectSuite with multiple projects in which keyword-test-routines of one project are referenced in multiple other projects. If an original keyword-routine is renamed, there is no other way but to remove and then readd the references after which all usages of these references in actual tests have to be found and replaced with the renamed references as well - needless to say, that this is always a quite hideous task.


It would be very helpful if renaming a keyword/script would also rename all references and all places where they are used.

Add User Editable Notes/Comments To Test Log

Status: New Idea
by ShaunMT on ‎07-27-2017 09:18 AM

I'd like to have a user editable column on the test log for notes or comments on the test log so that I can enter notes about any errors occurred once I've researched the issue after test execution.


Test Report summary export to Excel format

Status: New Idea
by abinash11 on ‎06-19-2017 08:22 AM

Currently, once the tests are executed in TestComplete, we can export the results and the summary into MHT format but not in Excel. Getting the results in Excel is a basic need in most projects where you have to report the results based on the number of tests run including the Passed and the Failed tests.


If not Excel, at least a CSV format should be good to start with.

The product owner for TestComplete has - without explanation - decided to remove the ability to create Checkpoints from Visualizer frames.  


This ability is (WAS) fantastic.  It made maintenance and "oh-crap-I-forgot-to" fixes very easy.  


This function was one of the main reasons my company decided to purchase TestComplete.  The decision to remove this functionality has me contemplating switching to other tools.  

Basic compile-time validation for javascript (and other languages)

Status: New Idea
by ‎08-07-2017 04:47 PM - edited ‎08-20-2017 08:55 PM

Hi all,


One thing that slows me down sometimes is making fumbly errors mismatching variable and function names. For example, I might have created a function somewhere else. I type it (and for whatever reason the auto-complete doesn't find the function) but unbeknownst to me forget to add an "s" in e.g. the function GetVariableType(s)


I have to get 3 minutes into running a longer script to hit the BAM misnamed function or variable.


I realize scripting languages are loose in this way which perhaps allows some flexibility and friendliness to non-hardcore-programmers however I think adding simple checks such as "does this function or variable exist somewhere? " would be pretty fast and would save A LOT of time for everyone in the long run. Perhaps even a red underline e.g. as is done for mispelled words in Word, indicating there is no matching function or variable.


I realize this could also be solved by better programming practice as well, however for the level of technical user Smartbear caters to I think this would be a useful feature.




By default, it seems that the columns in the Test Parameters dialog are spaced evenly.

So every time I open the dialog I have to resize the columns, because typically the final column (Value) has more data, and not all the data is visible, whereas the other columns are much wider than their actual data.

It would be very helpful if the columns were automatically resized according to "best fit" logic.


Would also be nice if the tool-tip that displays the text when you hover over the cell was maintained as long as the cursor stays on the cell - currently it disappears after a couple of seconds.





It would be helpful if Test Complete provided a structured return from the command line execution.  Presently if any details from the execution are desired additional code around work is needed to capture them from the logs.  Examples of such data includes:


  • pass\fail
  • error count
  • warning count
  • pass count

It would be helpful if Test Complete could support the option for a structured return that reflects the results of the test run so that the execution could be directly evaluated instead of digging through logs to find the desired data.  JSON or any common structure would be helpful as a return structure to allow faster result collection and evaluation.

Option to always have Log Events turned off

Status: New Idea
by Community Leader on ‎08-14-2017 01:13 PM

Add a project option to always lock Log Events.  We want this default but it is a huge inconvenience to have to LockEvents at the top of every single Keyword Test.

Personally, I hate the new feature in 12.30 "Smarter auto-formatting. When you type a bracket or a quotation mark, the Editor now automatically inserts the corresponding closing bracket or quotation mark."


Please see community post for more details:


I would love to have an option to shut this off.

Request is based on the thread, Support Case #00243012 and

my resent attempt to move some service code into script extension of runtime object type.


As an example, I have a code that gets the content of the configuration file and returns a value of the requested configuration parameter. In order to avoid constant getting of the file content, the content is obtained once on the first request and is kept then in some local variable.
This works well in the regular code because the variable is initialized on every test run start.
Unfortunately, I am sorry to say that the code that uses some dynamic resource (configuration file, database access, URL address, etc.) is near to impossible to use from script extension. The problem is that code in script extension has no indication of whether the value of the resource stored in the property of script extension corresponds to the current test run or was left from the previous one and need to be re-initialized.
Of course, script extension can have some initialization code and this code can be executed from, say, OnStartTest event. But this: a) complicates design of test project; and b) in most cases, initialization is needed not on start of every Test Item (which is the case if OnStartTest event is used), but on start of test run (like it occurs for Temporary Project Variables that are initialized on test run start and persist until test run end).


I would really ask, in addition to the already existing InitRoutine and FinalRoutine (specified in the description.xml file for the given script extension), to enhance Script Extensions with TestRunInitRoutine, TestRunFinalRoutine, TestItemInitRoutine and TestItemFinalRoutine routines triggered on test run start/end and test item start/end respectively.


Script Extensions is a great feature of TestComplete, but, unfortunately, without mentioned routines it is hardly usable for runtime objects that use dynamic resources.



It would be nice where to be able to selectively copy project files down to the slave pc.

For example, instead of copying down the whole project I would be able copy down a directory or file.


This would save a lot of time being that it sometimes takes close to 5 minutes to copy down project to slave.



I've requested the option turn this off completely, but if that does not happen, I'm suggesting an improvement to the functionality:


Currently there is some logic that will remove the closing quote/bracket in certain situations, but not in one particular situation where I strongly believe it should. When I type a quote or bracket immediately preceding or following existing alpha or numeric text, I am almost always correcting something I did not code perfectly in the first place. What currently happens is I try to insert a single quote before some text that's already in place, and I get two quotes and have to remove one (once I notice it), and again when I move to the end of the existing text to add the closing quote. I am quite frequently having to delete these auto-inserted closing marks.


So, my suggestion is to not insert the closing quote/bracket when the cursor position is immediately before or immediately at the end of alpha or numeric text.

I have noticed that sometime test complete script fails to execute complete scripts and log the results with Zero Warnings and Errors reason could be any but result is incomplete execution of script. When we generate and send email through log object we only gets number of Errors and Warnings which are misleading results or numbers. When we go to the details we find that scripts execution is incomplete.


I request you to add number of checkpoints validated by scripts in Log summary (I have highlighted the place to show in attached snapshot). Even if number of Errors and Warnings would be Zero and if we don't get the desired number of checkpoints which could also be zero, we can easily identify that scripts fail to complete their execution.



Checkpoint CountCheckpoint Count

Test Execution Progress from Network Suite

Status: New Idea
by abinash11 on ‎06-21-2017 01:37 PM

When the tests are executed from Network suite, the progress is shown as the Remote desktop window but there should be a possibility to see the number of tests selected and how many are completed from the Network Suite window itself.

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