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2 years ago
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When change a name in NameMapping, Then the object name in script tests would also update

Let's say you don't like the name you gave an object in the NameMapper. When you change the name of that object, the name will also be updated in any and all Keyword tests which this object was used in. However, the name will Not be updated when used in script tests. It would be nice if the name would be updated in Scripts. Sometimes we think of better naming conventions and want to rename some objects. 


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    I have requested the same thing a while ago, but apparently this issue has been manually closed by the smartbear team. So I guess they don't care about that. 

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    I wish they would give a reason why they declined the request. Oh well. It is good to know that there is someone else out there that was hoping for the same feature.

  • I'm supporting this idea! This is exactly why we are using NameMapping/Aliases in the first place. And once a NameMapped element is used anywhere in the project, it should get automatically updated in case of changes (either its name or structure).

  • I will say that one good thing about this handicap is that it forced me to use the keyword test section for most of my main testing which turned out for the best. It forced me to learn something new. Otherwise, I probably would have relied more on scripting than necessary on scripting (just because that is what I was familiar with ... not necessarily because scripting was the easiest in the long run). Still this feature request still would be a nice feature.