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7 years ago

Networksuite stopped working on Win10 and Win81 machines with TestComplete12.42

I run tests on a distributed setup with multiple virtual machines with different OS (Win7, Win81, Win10) using TestComplete\TestExecute 12.1.590


I recently upgraded to ver12.42.3048 and suddenly Networksuite stopped working on Win10 and Win81 machines (Win7 machines work with 12.42).


When I Verify Host with login mode set to "Automatic(Console Session)" (this is what I used with ver12.1) or "Automatic (RDP session)", I get following error - "Verification Failed: Unable to create a user session on remote computer".


Host verification works with "Manual" login mode, but I cannot use it to run tests.


Both Win10 and Win81 setup still works with ver12.1, so what has changed in ver12.42? All my machines are set based on TestComplete documentation on distributed testing requirements (


I am not sure what I am missing here? Can someone please help me?

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    6 years ago

    I found a workaraound for this issue:

    • I have updated VMs to Auto-Logon to test account.
    • And In My TC project, changed the LogonMode property on Host to "Manual"


    This works for me becuase I use Virtual machines on a Hyper-V so these VMs are not physically accessible. But If you have machines that are physically accessible, then Auto-Logon  will be very unsecure.

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      I already did. But I am looking for anyone who faced similar issue and found a solution.

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        Have you found the solution for this?
        I think we are facing the same issue.

        We are running our test on a remote desktop windows server 2016 machine with test execute installed.
        We made a setup before on a windows server 2012 and we haven't get any issue. 
        We are getting "10 (Unable to create user session)" when we don't access the server 2016 machine while running the test. But when we access it while running the test, the job runs successfully.

        Any idea?