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Version of Chrome that is officially supported

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Version of Chrome that is officially supported

What is Smartbear's official stance on the supporting the latest version of Chrome?


According to this page, Chrome version 103 is the latest supported version. I find this hard to believe since 103 came out 5 months ago and there has since been versions, 104, 105, 106 and the current 107.


They must be supporting the latest released version (107) or else why am I wasting money on TestComplete instead of using Selenium?

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To expand on my thinking:

  • I assume the majority (at least 50%) of modern software development is browser based
  • We know Chrome accounts for 65% of the browser market share
  • I assume that most users keep Chrome updated to the latest version since the default setting is to automatically update

Based on the above, I believe it is imperative that TestComplete always support the most recent version of Chrome and that this would be a top priority.

You can ask Support that question directly at this link


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