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16 days ago

Edge browser compatibility

Hi all,

with latest Test Complete and Test Execute version (15.63) we are experiencing lot of issues with the Edge browser interaction, for our web tests.

For example, the following errors and exceptions makes not possible to correctly execute the tests:

Unable to navigate exceptions:

Other strange exceptions when launching Edge:

We have found this page: , where it is listed that the supported browser version is:

Microsoft Edge 83 - 121 (Chromium-based, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

Since the 121 version is a very old one (released on December by Microsoft), Test Complete is really not supporting any new versions of this browser? Or is this page hopefully containing obsolete information?

Currently we have got the version 123, since the browser is updated automatically by O.S. and Edge browser cannot be downgraded.

Could you please let us know if latest versions are really not supported?




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    DanNad rraghvani  good to know that also you are experiencing issues on browser interaction.

    It would be really worrying anyway that it should be needed to downgrade Test Complete to make it possible to run web tests (moreover because with a downgrade the support is not granted anymore) and that there is no communication about these critical bugs on newest versions.

    We hope for an answer from a SmartBear technician.

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    It might be best to stick to a "working" version of TestComplete - I've reverted back to using TC v15.55.53.7, and this seems to work with the latest version of Edge and Chrome.

  • I downgraded edge from version 124 to version 121 and still TestComplete 15.63.22 cant find my pages with edge. Object Spy recognized that its a Page Object but the Page Object has no URL property. 

    There seems to be something wrong with newer TC Versions

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      If you have downgraded the browser, remember to install SmartBear Test Extension.

      From past experience, there's always issues with the latest version of TC. Hence, I'm not upgrading.

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    Have a similar issue with Chrome.  Started with the latest TestComplete release of version 15.63.  Downgraded to version 15.62, but still having issues with "Exception" error when the Run Browser option is used to launch browser.  Chrome version is 124.0.x.  We don't have the ability to downgrade version on Chrome so we are just stuck.