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The recorder stopped recognizing and highlighting objects

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The recorder stopped recognizing and highlighting objects



My laptop at work got upgraded to a more recent one. The old one had Windows 7, the new - Windows 10.

I had TestComplete installed on my old laptop, and installed it on the new laptop too.

I exported all settings from the TestComplete on the old laptop, and imported them on TestComplete on the new, so that i can have the same settings configured.


On the old laptop, the recording worked very well. When i start recording a script, and i hover with the mouse cursor over controls on a web page, each control was recognized and highlighted.


Now, with the new laptop, i have no idea what changed, but now when i start recording and i hover with the mouse over the same page, the controls are not highlighted, the frame of the whole page is highlighted instead. In both cases i use the same web page, with browser Chrome, and in both cases the Smartbear extension for Chrome is installed and enabled.


Is there some setting that i overlooked, that i should change, so that the recording recognizes and highlights the controls again?


Thank you!

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Yes indeed, it was very strange...


The problem appeared when Chrome got autoupdated to version 80.0.3987.106. But the problem appeared only on the Windows 10 machine, not on the Windows 7 one. It remained with the problem for several days.


Yesterday Chrome got autoupdated to version 80.0.3987.116, and this "magically" solved the problem on the Windows 10 machine, so now it works on both machines.


I mentioned this on the support ticket, but i am mentioning it here too, in case someone else has the same problem. Thanks to everybody for your help!


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Thank you for returning to this thread to provide a thorough update. This is greatly appreciated!


Hopefully it is gone for good Smiley Happy



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