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5 years ago

Can't play, record a test and highlight an object

Hi everyone,


I automate UI tests for a web app with Chrome 80.

I can't play or record a test (i use keywordtest) because TestComplete seems to don't succeed to recognize objects. I try to start my test from the middle for example to see if it's not just the first object. But same problem.

The log says : "The window was destroyed during method execution."  and sometimes "Unable to find the object".

Then, i tried to use "drag the target to point to the object" but TestComplete highlight juste the entire webpage, not the object i point.

It's weird because I didn't change project properties and before this afternoon it works good.


Hope I'm clear.
If someone has an idea, it will be cool.

Thanks !


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    check if patches for TC and chrome 80 installed, simply check in TC if any updates are available
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      Thanks for your answer. my test complete is up to date