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7 years ago

Why do my recorded test object names change?

I started out recording my scripts (which I think I might be regretting, but it helped get them up and running in a faster timeframe).


1. If I run a test and it passes one day but not the next because the object names are clearly not the same (they are close) I'll do an object spy and fix.  Might work for that day and then another test run, objects will fail:


   Object name was:   Aliases.browser.pageDevices.linkGoToHomePage.textnodeHome
   Todays' object name is:  Aliases.browser.pageDevices.panelPageContainer.panelPageHead.linkGoToHomePage.textnodeHome


My development team says they are not changing anything but clearly something is changing somewhere.  I can add wildcards to a certain extent but wondering why this is happening?


2. Also why am I getting mapped objects being called:  Sys.browser, then another Sys.browser 2, browser 22and Sys.browser 3... what is the reason for this?   I'm afraid to delete the newer 2 and 3 browser hierarchy in fear I would break my scripts.  (I could delete one and see where that takes me) but thought I'd check with other Test Complete users first.  


If I'm doing something wrong, I would love to know what it is.


Thanks All to who might respond.

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