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TC Single Repo with 2 folders - 1 for Android and 1 for iOS

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TC Single Repo with 2 folders - 1 for Android and 1 for iOS

I have one repository created then a folder for project name then 2 folders for each platform, Android and iOS.

  • <main repo> / <project name folder> / then 2 folders for each platform 'Android' and 'iOS':


I have been using and updating the Android part of the repository via Windows laptop and able to create and work 125 keyword tests.  It updates and loads all its work within the Android folder.

For the iOS part = I'm using a MacBook with a Parallels VM with a licensed Windows inside.  I have the repository referenced, TC and everything I need installed, etc. per Smartbear documentation.  I want to create a Project-Suite and Project that will work within the iOS folder or platform.  

BUT I want to copy or clone the same 125 keyword tests from the Android folder to the iOS folder so I can use them in iOS with an update to the JSON parameters.

I tried to perform the above within the local repository on each laptop, native Windows and VM of Windows, with conflicts and not the results I want. 

I have reverted back to a good snapshot of the repository, checked out.  I'm trying to either delete or stash the branches that caused the conflicts and start fresh.


I am using Sourcetree local to our Bitbucket Repository site. 


Does anyone else have this setup or knowledge of the above?

Any guidance and help would be appreciated very much.


Thank you,



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If I was doing it, I would do a copy outside the repository for your iOS tests and update them accordingly and then start the iOS repository over from that point, rather than trying to do the copy inside the repository.

Exactly the easiest way to do that.  I'm doing that now and it works so far.

Thank you, @Marsha_R.


Best Regards,


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