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2 years ago

Mobile Android 12 testing

Hi there! 


We have a new phone (physical device) for Mobile testing, connected with USB. It is running Android 12.

When I connect the phone, I am able to install our application and I can see objects in the "Object Browser".

And I can also click on these objects, and our application is responding, so this is all working as expected.


However, I can not see the Mobile screen in TestComplete:


This screen is always shown, also on the Home screen for example.

So I don't think the FLAG_SECURE (of our application) is the problem.

Because when I delete our application, this message is still shown, always.


Does anyone know how to fix this issue? 

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    Hi Nick! 


    Thanks for you reply. Yes. we are currently using the Legacy method. We have looked into the Cloud/BitBar method but we don't want to use this.


    If I understand correctly, we are able to run tests on our own physical devices (connected with USB), by using a local Appium server? If that's the case, we will use Appium instead of Legacy 🙂

  • Hi Frits!


    That is correct, the cloud method does allow to you to connect to either A. a local appium server or B. a cloud provider such as BitBar. 


    I use the cloud method exclusively for testing on my local devices, it's more reliable, quicker and much easier setup. 


    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks for your reply and help! I have set up a local Appium server and it now works as expected!