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Mircosoft Word - Unable to highlight word content as TextObject


Mircosoft Word - Unable to highlight word content as TextObject

Hi Team,


We are using some Microsoft Word Add-in in our project, As per functionality, we need to check the Color of text and need to check whether the word file contains any hyperlink etc.,


We are unable to identify the any TextObject, it will be useful if the word content identify as a text object.


We activated MSAA as well as TextRecognization even though we are unable to highlight.


ClassName - _WwG, _WwF


If anyone have any solution, please let us know, it will be very helpful 🙂


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Marsha,


I agree, COM Interface and OLE standards are the way to go but earlier i have mentioned that we are using word addin, we tried with com objects but we unable to retrive it, also the documents not save as doc, docx format.its a kind of folio, so we decide to do with front end UI Automation. It will be helpful if we have any possibilities via UI.




Hi Kamal,


It is my understanding that the text you need to work with is handled completely by your plugin and is not exposed via standard Word document COM model (as suggested by Marsha).

If the above is correct, then you may try to provide TestComplete with debug information for your plugin and check if it makes it possible to access text attributes via methods and properties exposed by plugin.

If it does not, then you should talk to Development and ask them to implement this functionality.


However, I agree with Marsha that the most logical and reliable approach is to access text properties via regular Word document COM model.


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