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Is there a difference between TestExecuteLite.exe and TestExecute.exe?


Is there a difference between TestExecuteLite.exe and TestExecute.exe?

There are no articles in TestComplete documentation that mention TestExecuteLite.exe. However, when I look at the TestComplete files that were installed, I do not see any TestExecute.exe executables within the bin directories. I only see a TestExecuteLite.exe. I am assuming that these are the same thing and guessing that the information in the below link is also applicable to TestExecuteLite.exe. I just did not want to incorrectly assume.


Hi Christina,

TestExecute is a resource-friendly utility created to run TestComplete tests on computers where TestComplete is not installed.

TestExecute can only run tests. To create tests, you use TestComplete.

Here is a link to the TestExecute documentation;

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.




I thought TestExecute.exe would be downloaded/installed when I installed TestComplete. I wanted to try running TestExecute.exe from the command line. However, I cannot find TestExecute.exe. From an email exchange with Sales, it looked like 1 TestExecute license came with the TestComplete pro bundle. But I can't find an executable called TestExecute.exe. I can only find an executable called TestExecuteLite.exe.

Below is what should come with the Pro Bundle:


from Sales:

Included in the TestComplete Pro Bundle is:

  • 1 TestComplete Platform, which includes:
    • 1 Web testing module
    • 1 Desktop testing module
    • 1 Mobile testing module
    • 1 Intelligent Quality Add-on
  • 1 TestExecute license – this is our lightweight version of the tool that allows you to ONLY run tests that were already created on the Platform.

TestExecute is included within the TestComplete pro bundle but it is a separate installation.

When you are assigned the PRO license from SLM you will have the following email which contains a link to the installation exe for TestComplete and TestExecute;

2022-11-30 16_00_06-Email - Shane Begley - Outlook.png


ahhh. Okay, thank you so much SBegley for all the help!

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