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5 years ago

Running TestExecute from Powershell - TestExecute.exe is not a valid project.

Hi all

I'm using TestExecute 14.10.1042.11 x86 with Windows 10 1903 build 18362.295. 

When opening powershell (32 or 64 bit) and calling testexecute.exe I awlays get:


Cannot open "C:\Program files (x86)\smartbear\testexecute14\testexecute\bin\testexecute.exe" file because it is not a valid project suite or project file.


Wnen running from goold old cmd, everything is fine.


Did anyone knows what can be the cause?




Thank you...

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    Hello. If you look at actual command line of launched process you will see:
    "C:\PROGRA~2\SMARTB~1\TESTEX~2\Bin\TESTEX~1.EXE" "C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 14\Bin\TestExecute.exe"
    That's where source of the error lies -- PowerShell transfers full path to TestExecute.exe as the first command line argument of the created process.
    Best way to launch some executable from PowerShell script is to use Start-Proccess cmdlet.
    You may take a look at this usefull arcticle about launching processes form PowerShell:

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      Command line is:

      C:\Program files (x86)\smartbear\testexecute 14\testexecute\bin\>.\testexecute.exe



      Thank you 

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        Are initial dot and slash required ( '.\' ) ?

        What if you type just testexecute.exe ?