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How to save our project suites and projects from changing in network drive.

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How to save our project suites and projects from changing in network drive.

Now i have found something new.

I created a project suite , "TestSuite" and a project, "TestProject" in my local c:\.... .

I copied the project suite folder to shared network drive V:\....

I was able to access my project suite  in shared network and execute form there.

I opened my proect suit in local c:\... again and made some changes to the steps of keyword testing.

I observed that it is changing the script in shared network v:\.... also automatically without me saving manually.

I was in the intension that it will not change anything in shared unless i copy or replace the project suite again in shared network v:\.....

The goal is i want to save in shared network drive which is backed up everyday, so that if my system crashes i can retrieve from shared v:\.......

Please let me know what to do.

Also i observed that another person accessed a keyword test from shared v:\.... of my project and added to her project suite as add exixting item. She made couple of changes to that step locally in her c:\ the script was not working in another browser version.

What i saw was it actually modified my keyword test in v:\.... of my project and also i saw that it modified the test in my local c:\.......

I am getting confused here.

If other person wants to add my keyword test as existing item and modify a little bit to work for her without changing my keyword test in my project either in shared network v:\..... or c:\....... what should we do.

Our shared drive will be back up everyday.
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If anybody can help on tihs that will be great. I am just waiting it.


I guess what you actually did is mapped a network drive to a shared folder containing your test project. So that it just points to your original folder and doesn't have its copy.

If you want several users to work with the same project, and backup your files regularly, then the best solution is to use version control systems.

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Our network drive which is backed up everyday is the shared drive v:\.

But when i make some modification in my c:\ why is modifying automatically in v:\..

This is little scary. Suppose what ever i am modifying is incorrect , it is automatically doing changes in v:\ ,so now i don't have any place retrieve my older version.

I was in impression that it will not moidify automatically in network drive until i manually save  or replace the existing project folder.

Please suggest what can i do apart from using source control.

Is it like where ever i save my project suite, i modify in my local it will update those modifications automatically everywhare the project suite is saved.


Let us clarify the situation. As far as I understand, your project is located in the 'C:\Documents and Settings\guda\My Documents\TestComplete 7 Projects' folder. This folder is shared, and you mapped it to the network drive V. You open the project located in 'C:\Documents and Settings\guda\My Documents\TestComplete 7 Projects' and edit it. If I am wrong, please provide me with the following information:

1. The path to the folder from which you open the project for editing.

2. The path to the shared folder.

3. The path to the folder from which another person opens the project for editing.

4. The name of your computer and of the computer where the shared folder is located.

Also, please zip the entire project suite folder and send me the archive. You can send it as an attachment to the M0071660 support case.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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I have my project suite and project in C:\Documents and Settings\guda\My Documents\TestComplete 7 Projects\eSolutions-1

I saved it in V:\Quality Assurance\FAME eSolutions\Automated Scripts\P1\eSolutions-1 which is the shared network drive backed up everyday.

I opened my project in my local C:\......TestComplete 7 Projects and edited a little bit.

I observed that it is updating the edits i made to the test automatically to the project saved in V:\.......\Automated Scripts\P1\eSolutions-1.

My question is why is it updating edits automatically in Shared network drive without me manually replacing the existing saved test in Shared network V:\....

What happens when i open the the project and mess up or delete something in my test not knowingly. if it does these updates automatically in shared network drive where i saved, I don't have any place to retrieve my original project and test.

Other person added my Login script from the project which is in shared network drive V:\...... as an existing item to her project in her local C:\......... and updated the mapping as it didn't work for her. 

So it updated the login script in shared network V:\....... and also looks like it updated in my C:\Documents and Settings\guda\My Documents\TestComplete 7 Projects\eSolutions-1

This is not looking good.

Also when we add keyword test , like LogIn script as an existing item to another project it didn't work, so i copied the mapping also then it worked.

If i want to add a test not as the first step of the project, like LogOut script then how do i know what mapping to copy.

If you can help me on this also it will be really great.

If you still want zipped project suite folder i will send it, please let me know.

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Good morning, I am the sysadmin for the network in which Sri is having the issue.

First off I am not totally up on the terminaology used in your app so please accept my apologies if I use incorrect terminology.

Basically, she created a project on her C: drive and saved it.

She then physically copied the entire folder that contained ALL of the “elements” of the project suite to our “V:” drive which is a network share on a server.


hat happens is that when Sri opens the project from her C: drive, makes a change, and then saves the project, the changes she made and saved only to her C: drive project are somehow carried over to the project that she copied from her C: drive and stored on the V: drive.

So after she saves the project to her C: drive she goes and opens the project from the V” drive (which has not been modified) and it has all the same changes she made to the project on her C: drive.

It seems as if some “objects/items” are linked in some way so that not matter which project they are modified in the changes get carried over.

Thank you for you help and we look forward to your next post to explain this mystery to us.

Take care.


Hi Sri & Joe,

I think that now the situation is clear - it seems that both Sri and another person use some project items (keyword tests, as it was stated earlier) that are added to their local projects using "Add\Existing Item..." from the V: network drive. When an item from V: is added to a project located on C: in this way, this project does not contain a copy of the item - it only contains a reference to that item which is actually located in its original place - that is, V:. So, any changes made to such an item in a local project are actually made to the corresponding items residing on the V: drive.

I recommend that you follow the steps below:

1. Copy the project from the network drive to a new local folder.

2. Disconnect the network drive.

3. Try opening the project from the new local folder - if the project is opened without errors, it is OK. If there are any errors while opening the project, this means that the project contains links to items which are located on network drive V:. Such missing items will be replaced by the 'Unavailable' nodes in the Project Explorer panel. You need to remove these items and add them anew from the local folder where the project is located.

These steps should fix the links in your project. After performing them, copy the project to a shared folder. To work with the project, open it from that shared folder in networked mode - this will allow several people to work on the same project without losing their modifications. When they are done with modifications, copy this project to the V: network drive to back it up.

To summarize, you need to work with a project residing in a specific shared folder in networked mode and copy it to your network drive to back up this project. I recommend that you read the 'Teamwork' help topic - it will help to make things clearer.

However, I recommend that you use a source code control system as it is the most convenient way that allows storing working projects and sharing them among several people. There are free SCC systems which are quite easy to use. If for some reasons, you do not want to use them, working with the project in networked mode will be a good approach as well.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Hi David,

I wanted to say what you are saying is not the scenari i mentioned in my previous post.

Any ways we did what you said, But it is still making the changes what i make in my keyword test in my local c:\ ...automatically in my shared network drive v:\. But i will try to do it again.

I will ask my concerns piece by piece b'se i need to understand this clearly before going a head with my projects.

I created a new project suite Solutions.pjs  first time in my local c:\e-Solutions\ folder . I created project Test1 in this project suite.

So in my c:\e-Solutions\ folder  i see Solutions.pjs  , a folder by name Test1 which has it's project items like keyword tests and scripts, name mapping etc.

Now i want to know how do i save this project suite with the project in my shared v:\ drive.

Please tell me what is the correct way to do it.

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Please help me know the correct way so that i can continue with my other project suites and projetcs. I will looking forword to the response.

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