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Extremely Slow Performance

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Extremely Slow Performance

I'm encountering extemely slow performance when trying to view Object Properties with TC 7.52.  I've tried using the drag and drop method, as well as the Ctrl-Shft-A method of selecting the object.

I'm running XP with IE 8, and trying to view objects on a SharePoint site.  So far, it takes at least 5+ minutes for TC to start responding again, if it does.  I had the same issue with 7.51, and recently upgraded trying to fix some of these types of issues.

Hi Christopher,

Does the issue occur only with the target web page? Please try to reproduce the problem with any public domain.

If the issue can be reproduced only with your page, please zip the entire project suite folder along with logs of the test execution and send us the archive. We'll look into the issue here. It would be very helpful if you provided us with access to the target page. 

Can you reproduce the issue on another machine? If the problem is computer-specific, please verify whether your machine meets the requirements specified in the "System Requirements for TestComplete" article.

If your machine is OK, please send us detailed information about your system. To get the information, please run msinfo32 (Start | Run...), save the information it provides to an *.NFO file (File | Save...) and send it to us.

Also, please record a video demonstrating the problem and send it to us. For example, you can use Jing, which is a free recorder.

In the meantime, you can try following the suggestions given in the "Automated Test Playback Performance Tips" article.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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