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2 months ago

POST jUnit.xml results file to Zephyr

Can a TestComplete project be coded to automatically POST jUnit.xml results file to Zephyr after any/all tests are ran? The docs at TestComplete with Zephyr Scale | SmartBear Community show an example of a `curl` command. But that seems a little funny to drop to shell, when we can code inside the test suite.

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    Hi markos

    Definitely it is possible to automate the process of posting jUnit XML results from TestComplete to Zephyr using scripting within your TestComplete project. 

    Kindly write a script within TestComplete to handle the HTTP request to Zephyr's API directly, eliminating the need to use a separate shell command

    Write Script to Read and Post jUnit XML Results and Integrate Script with execution

    Ensure that your script handles authentication with Zephyr's API accurately

    Process the response from the API request within your script to handle any errors and confirm that the test results were successfully uploaded


    Hope this helps - Happy to help further !!


    Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!

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