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3 years ago

Why is Windows Store support preference reset with every update? Or on by default at all?

Why does the Enable Windows store testing preference get enabled after every single update whereas all other preferences stay the same.

This breaks all of our tests every single time if we don't remember to set it back.  The reason it breaks tests is that you cannot run testd from the cmd line\task scheduler...etc unless you run as admin if this preference is turned on.   Is it possible to not reset preferences when just installing an update?


Also are Windows Store applications still a thing?  Does this preference need to default to ON?




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      I have mentioned it to support over the years and I have never really been given a satisfactory answer as to why it is on or why it has to be reset with every update.


      I mainly posted here to see if others had an opinion on this issue. Or if others make use of the Windows Store support.