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8 years ago

Global preferences - SSL - multiple keystores?



In the global ReadyAPI settings, under the SSL tab, I can specify a keystore and keystore password.


Is there any way to do this on a project (or request) level instead? I have multiple projects that require client certificates to be sent on the transport level and I don't want to manually switch them all the time.


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      Hi @ll 


      that's exactly not working for me. 


      I imported *.p12 certificates with the necessary password. Every certificate is for a different environment. The keystore tab shows all imported in status "OK"

      So if I switch the  SSL-Keystore  in the dropdown field it seems not to use the provided certificate. 


      I'm using Ready! API 1.9.0 Build Date: 20161017-1541.


      regards Andre

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      That's not working for me :smileyfrustrated: