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3 years ago

Updating Test Complete 14.93?

Hello, one of my PCs is running Test Complete 14.93... 


When I bring up the app, and click the "Check for Updates" it states, something like...


A new version of the product is available. 15.0.379.7

Would you like to learn more about it on SmartBear's WebSite?


My question is why is it asking in this manner?  In the past, if there was an update available, it would say it was available and click here to install, kind of thing.  I would simply click     on the link/button to install/update and it would update..., but now it says the above, and I am simply brought to the page describing things etc...  and would have to login/download etc... why is it behaving differently than in the past?




                                  Ron F.


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      I have a few test complete systems running.... including of course the one mentioned here.... on my other systems (and in the past this one also).... I could click Check for updates.... and if one was available... I could "simply" click one link and the update would begin.... as it has done with this machine previously and has worked like this on other machines just recently... very simple.... no special login etc... 


      Now, for this machine, it only brings me to the Smartbear website, where I would now have to login, find the appropriate download, download it and then install... requiring the additional steps etc.  More time consuming, lol.


      I am wondering why this machine now behaves differently than it has in the past?  And why my other licensed machines still work as I expected... much simpler... Click Check for Updates.... if one exists, asks do I want to install/update, I click (or something similar) Yes, and the update begins.  Very simple, quick and straight forward lol... plus I don't have to try and recall what my username and password are, lol.


      Wonder why it is behaving different than it has in the past, and different than what my other systems do for updates?