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5 years ago

Unable to find an activated license for TestComplete

Hello there,


We were trying to Find and Activate a floating user license for a TestComplete instance installed on a virtual machine. However, ended up with the error "Unable to find an activated license for TestComplete".


Here is the list of the facts of our environments:

  • License Manager computer and TestComplete instance computer is on different domain but they Can ping each other
  • The "Sentinel LDK License Manager Service" is up and running on both
  • Allow Remote Access to ACC is checked on the License Manager configuration 
  • On Lincense Manager computer "http://<TestCompleteInstance>:1947" is reachable
  • On TestComplete instance computer "http://<LicenseManager>:1947" is Not reachable
  • The Windows Firewall is On on TestComplete instance pc and Off on License Manager pc

Have been trying different ways here but getting no good results out. 

Any help is greatly appriciated, thanks in advance!




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