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14 years ago

TestedApps - create a new item in script without opening tab in workspace?

In a fairly large program I'm working on, I wrote a method that updates the one TestedApp that the program uses. All it does is see if the current path exists, and if not, it deletes the current TestedApp and creates another item using a value stored in the ProjectSuite. That all works fine. The problem is that each time I create a new TestedApp item it open the TestedApps tab in the workspace. First off, I'm not sure why it does this, seeing as the alternative (changing everything silently) seems to make much more sense. Is there any way I can add that item without that tab opening up in the workspace?

Thanks, Michael

Here's the function:

function updateTestedApps()


   var object = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

   if (object.FileExists(TestedApps.TRAK_Debug.FullFileName) == false) 


    TestedApps.Delete(0); // deletes the current TRAK_Debug entry


    Log.Message("Set the TRAK_Debug path to: " + ProjectSuite.Variables.TRAK_DebugPath);



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  • Hello Michael,

    Thank you for the report. We've reproduced the problem and registered it in our DB. We'll try to fix the problem in one of the upcoming updates.

    Unfortunately, I cannot suggest you a workaround for the problem at the moment.