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9 years ago

Test Case is passed though Checkpoint doesn't match



In keyword test case i have placed the check point (property checkpoint)  on error message. ("Error message A" )



If Drop down 1 --> XYZ  and Drop down 2--> ABC  then system displays error message "Error message A" 


when i change input values in key wordtest, so that error message does not display . In this case after running test system should have faild the testcase as  "Error message A is not getting displayed right...


But actually tescase passed successfully 


Can any one explain this?









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  • It is a little difficult to judge this particular problem when you redact part of the text from the comparison checkpoint.


    In general, note that it is possible to edit your keyword property checkpoint in such a way that you are actually adding carriage return and line feed characters in the comparison text.


    Try converting your KeywordTest into a script and look at what you're using for the comparison text in the Property checkpoint.


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      With text comparison we find it useful to use aqString.Trim on both strings.  This avoids the issue that Joseph is talking about.  You'll have to create your own comparison instead of using a checkpoint, but you'll get the correct result.

  • Hi bhakti,



    It seems to me that even though the message are not beeing displayed, it's there somehere. I suggest you to verify if the properties (Visible and VisibleOnScreen) of that message before checking its values.


    Let me know if that helps.




    Leandro de Araújo Souza