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11 months ago

tcCrHost.exe process crashed

We receive the following message when running tests in "TestExecute", "tcCrHost.exe process crashed."  We run approximately 5000 tests every night on about 5 physical machines.  They are run in google chrome and the tests run well most nights.  Periodically we encounter this failure.  This started happening after upgrading to version  Currently we see this issue happen a couple times a week.  When the error happens all subsequent tests then fail with a "Smartbear Test Extension is not installed or disabled." message.  I cannot find a pattern on the failure.  A test will run fine for 25 nights, and then fail one night.  There were no changes made to the test between passes and the failure.  When the issue happens, I can reboot the machine, then rerun the test and it will pass.  All of this is delaying our team from pushing changes to our production environment. 


After entering a support case:

1st:  I was first told to have our IS team add tcCrHost.exe as an exception in our virus software.  We did that but are continuing to see the issue. 

2nd:  I was told to generate a report using our report generator utility from the machine. So we can find out any hookup files running behind the TestComplete process.  I can NOT make this happen on demand so I can't get a report created that exposes the issue.

3rd:  I was told it's possible that some settings in their current project may be causing the issue. Could you please create a new sample project suite and run some sample tests? This way, all TestComplete settings will be set to default, which might help resolve any deficiencies in the current project suite settings. Let me know the results.  We have these 5000 existing tests across about 100 project suites.  The issue does not happen consistently on any of these tests.  Creating a new project suite does nothing for my existing tests that need to run.

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