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15 years ago

TC can't find form objects/text boxes

In running an automated test, the URL specified in the initial action for IE changes to a dynamic ASP.Net web page name, but the page name itself and the form elements names don't change.  If  I add a step to the test, it can find the page and that text box, but not the previously added/recorded steps...

I'm guessing my first couple steps are causing the issue.  I'll attach a screen shot of the first few steps.

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  • Jack,

    Sorry, Didn't get the exact problem " If  I add a step to the test, it can find the page and that text box, but not the previously added/recorded steps..."


  • If I record the test and try to run it on a new window it can't find the form fields. 

    If I record or add a new step  using the finder tool for On-Screen actions, it then can find that form field in the new window, but none of the fields on the page from the previously recorded test.

    does that clarify things
  • Here are the errors, if that helps:

    Type Message Time Link

    The object does not exist. 12:59:28 

    The object does not exist. 12:59:28 

    The test execution was interrupted. 12:59:28 

    An error occurred when executing the "textboxTxtinsurednameFirst" method or property of the "cell" object.

    The object or one of its parent objects was not found in the system.

    Tested Object


    Alias: Aliases.iexplore.pageInsuredinformation.formForm1.tableBodytable.cellContentcell.tableContenttable.cell.table.cell4.table.cell

    Mapping item: NameMapping.Sys.iexplore.pageInsuredinformation.formForm1.tableBodytable.cellContentcell.tableContenttable.cell.table.cell4.table.cell

    Missing Object


    Alias: Aliases.iexplore.pageInsuredinformation

    Mapping item: NameMapping.Sys.iexplore.pageInsuredinformation

    You are trying to call the "Text" method or property of the "textboxTxtinsurednameFirst" object that does not exist.

  • Hi Jack,

    I suppose that you are facing the problem because some mapping properties of the target objects are changing dynamically. To avoid the issue, you need to verify the NameMapping scheme and replace all the dynamical parts of the mapping properties with the "*" wildcard. Please see the "Ignoring Query String Parameters" help topic for details.

    If you still face the issue, please zip the entire project suite folder and send us the archive via the following web form:

  • So far, this VBScript seems to have resolved the issue:

    Sub Main





    End Sub