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3 years ago

Using Text Recognition Technology with Qt objects



I am trying to use the text recognition technology "Using Text Recognition Technology" (link below)

However, in the above link, see under "Enabling Text Recognition for Your Application" > point#5. It says "It must be the class name returned by the WndClass property of the object, to which your window or control corresponds.". Does this mean that it will not work for Qt objects? The desktop application that I am testing is Qt based. Therefore when I select a window/dialog using object spy, it returns 'QtClassName' and not a 'WndClass'. Therefore, when I try to invoke the 'TextObject' method, it does not work. Is there still a way that I can use this feature in my case?


From object spy:


Full Name = Sys.Process("myApp").QtObject("MainFrame").QtObject("TopWidget").......QtObject("TreeView").QtObject("qt_scrollarea_viewport")




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