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14 years ago

Problem connecting to source control

while connecting my project suite to Source control , i am getting the following error -  "Access violation at address 014269BA in module 'VaultIDE.dll'.Read of address 00000000"

what can be done to resolve it , and why am i getting this kind of error.

Is it beacuse of Test Complete Version? I am using the 7.10 version of TC.

Please reply soon

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  • Hi Radha,

    Some of our users reported similar issues that occurred when old versions of the "VaultIDE.dll" were used. So, first of all, try updating Vault.

    Also, I recommend that you try updating your copies of TestComplete 7 to the latest version (ver. 7.52).
  • Hi  David,

    thanks for the reply

    The another system at workstation having  TC with same version of vault (3.5)  is able to connect and upload to vault.

    The only difference is the version of test complete.It is 7.5 and mine is 7.10. Anyways , i will try updating my TC .
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    Hi Radha,

    There were a lot of changes between 7.10 and 7.5 versions, so upgrade (preferably, to 7.52 which is the latest for 7.x version line, stable and works fine) may really help.