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7 years ago

Problem getting ClickCell to work on control built on Ultragrid



I'm having a problem getting ClickCell to work on an Ultragrid.  I've created a really simply function:


function TryToClickIt()
  MyGrid = Aliases.Launchpad.frmOptions.CommonPanel1.UltraPanelClientAreaUnsafe.Panel1.grpBoxDetails.grbxOptFeatures.grdOptFeatures;
  MyGrid.ClickCell(1, "Description");



I was hoping this would click the cell, but I get an error:


Unable to find the object ClickCell(1, "Description"). See Additional Information for details.    10:01:25    Normal    


 I have tried using ClickCell on other grids in our application and I just can't get beyond this error.  I can do lots of other things like selecting rows, and I can locate the correct cell, I just can't click it.  We have a grid which inherits from Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraGrid.  It does override a few layout methods but nothing else.  Is there something really basic I am doing wrong?



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    7 years ago

    Thanks.  I'll have a go doing that.

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    Based on the Unable to find the object ClickCell(1, "Description") I'm guessing TestComplete not treated Aliases.Launchpad.frmOptions.CommonPanel1.UltraPanelClientAreaUnsafe.Panel1.grpBoxDetails.grbxOptFeatures.grdOptFeatures object as a Table.


    Couple things to check,


    Are you able to the see the ClickCell method in Object Browser for below object

    Aliases.Launchpad.frmOptions.CommonPanel1.UltraPanelClientAreaUnsafe.Panel1.grpBoxDetails.grbxOptFeatures.grdOptFeatures , 

    if yes, this could be timing issue

    if not, you need to map the grid object perform the grid related methos.