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9 years ago

Object identification issues -Swing controls


I am having a strange issue while trying to play back my recorded scripts on the Javax.Swing Controls. When i try to playback recorded script, object issues arise and on inspecting name mapping, i see that simple swings buttons are not recoginized. 


for eg, when i recorded i used a following property :

javaFullClassName = javax.swing.jButton


but when i am inspecting TC is telling me to update the value for the property to 



So, TC actually is mixed up between some textbox, i guess and telling me to change the value to 

javaFullClassName = java.awt.textfield


Even properties like AWTComponentAccessibleName is blank at run time but during recording, the value was Search (it is a search button).


Also, please let me know if there is a way to find controls dynamically without adding them to the namemapping. 

I am looking for some detailed examples of Find , FindAll methods approach.


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