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5 years ago

Object identification issue with multiple versions of Desktop application

Hi Team

When we try to capture a specific icon in our application across version.

Say version 1 -> Icon 1 is captured as "


Say version 2 -> Icon 1 is captured as "


Due to which the same icon is not identifying in version 2 . Can we know the reason for which the frame number above is different for the same icon. How do we overcome this issue.



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  • The most likely scenario I can think of is that the two tests weren't recorded in the exact same environment or with the exact same screen layout and therefore there are two different items that look the same but have different, say, Object Identifiers.


    You will probably find that you can see both AfxFrameOrView140 and AfxFrameOrView902 in the tree


    and subsequently, you will also find there are two seperate items in your Aliases tree.  My thought would be to clean up the mapping and aliases before continuing with testing.  When you create tests with recorder, TC just adds mappings and aliases as it requires.  They are a good starting point to understand the layout/structure of the page, but you will want to get down and simplify the structure before you start using it in earnest.  Rather than have an Alias AfxFrameOrView140 and Alias AfxFrameOrView902, rather have a single Alias called AfxFrameOrView and in the idetification properties, change the properties (probably ObjectIdentifier) to use a wildcard e.g.AfxFrameOrView*


    Same goes for all the child objects with the same issue.