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11 years ago

Different identification of objects

Sometimes objects of tested app identificate as Window objects.

For example SWTObject("ToolBar", "", 1)  identificate as Window("ToolbarWindow32", "", 1) .. app restart does not always help! I I spend a lot of time that the identification become as SWTObject again! .. Help me plzz! 

TestComplete version now 9.20.

recently version was 9.30 and there were this problems also

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    It doesn't help me..

    For example now an object identificate 

    app.Window("SWT_Window0", "ODDS*").Window("SWT_Window0", "", 5).Window("SWT_Window0", "").Window("SWT_Window0", "", 3).Window("SWT_Window0", "", 7)

    but must be 

    app.SWTObject("Shell", "ODDS*").SWTObject("Composite", "", 5).SWTObject("Composite", "").SWTObject("Composite", "", 3).SWTObject("CTabFolder", "", 7)

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    Hi Denis,


    I found out that your colleague had contacted the TestComplete support to investigate the issue. The Support team requested some additional information, but there is no news from you. Was the issue resolved? If it was, please share your results with us - it may help someone else.