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15 years ago



I try to test a web application in ASP.NET

1. I write all steps with the TestComplete

2. Then I whant to write a script.

I write a script for a login:

function TestLoadTesting()



var i;

var sHeader;

var request;

var ti = LoadTesting.CreateTestInstance("New Created Test");


var aUsers = new Array(5);


//request = aUsers.Task.Connection(1).Request(4);

//request.RequestEventTrigger = true;


for(i = 0; i < aUsers.length; i++)


aUsers = LoadTesting.CreateVirtualUser("user " + i.toString());

aUsers.Task = LoadTesting.HTTPTaskByName("Task");

aUsers.TestInstance = ti;


sHeader = aUsers.Task.Connection(1).Request(4).RequestBody.contents;

aUsers.Task.Connection(1).Request(4).RequestBody.contents = aqString.Replace(sHeader, "admin1", "admin" + (i+1).toString());






ti.Run("New result group");


After that I have a problem:

My script show me (with showmessage) that I gave all logins: admin1.. admin5

But in my database (Oracle) I saw that I connect just with admin1.

Can you help me with this?

I wrote all auto-updated parameters to my script