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6 years ago

Licensmanager silent install and configuration

I have a autogenerated test environment where we provision new machinse on a frequent basis.

When I need to create a new machine, I would like to silently install the license manager and push the configuration of how to aqqure the floating license for Testexecute. 

Is this possible, and how?


At the moment I have preinstalled the license manager on the base image on the machines I provision. But I cannot use this as a long term solution.


Thanks for any input :-)





    Hi Christian_N_DK,


    I agree with AlexKaras - You need to control the License Manager installation and license activation on the License Manager PC (it doesn't take much time). Once you do this, you can go to the computer where the license will be used and specify the License Manager PC for the connection. To avoid specifying the License Manager PC on each computer where you run tests, you can simply copy the following configuration file from the first machine:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP\hasplm.ini"

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