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5 years ago

How to spy chromium embedded content?

Hi there,


I would like to spy some content on the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application, but it looks like the content is chromium embedded, although there are some instruction on the site regarding how to access the embedded content, but I still not sure what it is talking about, can anyone please help me to set this up?


I have already added the application to TestedApps and I launched the app by calling TestedApps.AdobeCreativeCloud.Run, but when I try to spy the Email address field or the Continue button on the app, I still cannot point to a specific control. It only returned me the entire body of the app.


Thank you!


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    5 years ago

    Thanks everyone for helping.


    whuang  I see that there was a reply from the Support Team. It looks like at the moment the only way to solve this is to directly disable the CSP policy from the web page. The documentation link.



    I'll go ahead and mark this as a temporary solution if you don't mind.

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  • Try going into tools-currrentprojectproperties-MSAA and enable support for *

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      Thank you for the suggestion, but still no luck.

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        Sorry to hear that, could you try going into tools- currentprojectproperties, and enabling support for UI automation - *

        if that doesn't work try text recognition, add *, and enable that.

        if all those three doesn't work, try the combination of all three?

        Remember to save the properties, and restart your testedapp that contains the chromium embedded content.

        Just as a reference, when I enable either MSAA * or UI automatoin *, all of the elements on msEdge (another chromium embedded content) works for me. 

  • Hi whuang,

    I posted about this as well. Chromium is being treated as a desktop application by testcomplete. So I am pretty sure you'll need the desktop license. Once you have that enabled you can do the step mentioned above to make sure you can spy on it as well.