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8 months ago

release cannot detect embeded chromium content

Tests started to fail on web related tests after upgrade to  It cannot detect web or embedded chromium content  although Testcomplete web module licence is connected.


*Logout and login did not help.

*Downgrade the testcomplete to, Left the Testexecute on 

* Testcomplete could detect web and embeded chromium content., tests run successful with testcomplete, but problem remain when running the same tests with test execute. 

* Downgrade the test execute alto  to release, all worked back again. 

Note: did not touch project or any settings at any point and it was already working before the upgrade, so downgrading resolved.


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    15.59 version CEF not working .

    Working upto 15.57 version

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      You need to click that support link and add a ticket there.
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    Any update if this issue has been resolved and if version 15.59 is stable enough for an upgrade? 

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      Considering that TestComplete talks about the same version ( when checking for update from the Help menu, I am really doubting that the problem has been already resolved, alas...