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8 years ago

Getting error "Unable to determine the installation folder of TestComplete"

Getting error " C:\TCLog\TCBuild.MSBuild(13,1): error : Unable to determine the installation folder of TestComplete (TestExecute)." when trying to execute the MSBuild project file.


MSBuild code:


<!-- File: MSBUILD.proj -->
<!-- Root element of the MSBuild project -->
<Project defaulttargets="Build" xmlns="">

<!-- Declares the task type, ExecuteSolution, that will be used to run TestComplete projects (TC12 is a namespace). -->
<UsingTask TaskName="TC12.ExecuteSolution" AssemblyName= "MSBuildTC12Task, Version=,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e33f56e68d0f845e"/>
<!-- Target -->
<Target Name="Build">

<!-- Executes the task. Note that the tag name, ExecuteSolution, coincides with the registered task name. -->
SolutionFile="C:\Users\rkusuma\Documents\TestComplete 12 Projects\TestProject1027\TestProject1027.pjs"
LogFile="C:\Users\rkusuma\Documents\TestComplete 12 Projects\TestProject1027\MyResults.mht"




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  • I can't say I know MSBuild (and the build engineer who sits opposite me is not in today to ask), so I'm thinking out loud here ...


    I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the project being in your Users/<YourName>/Documents folder?


    Can MSBuild see/access this? I'm not sure if, when it's running, you are regarded as the active user session?


    As I say, just thinking/guessing out loud. I wouldn't even call it an educated guess!

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      I think you're on to something there, Colin_McCrae.  It's a context thing. If, in a File Explorer window, I double click on a PJS or MDS file, my Windows environment knows that those extensions, when I double click, will automatically run TestComplete and open that file.


      I wonder if MSBuild needs something more explicit than just "Run the Project".  Notice the "Executable" field on the screenshot given is blank... that it's trying to run the PJS project but there's no executable mapped in MSBuild to do so.

      Something else, based upon the documentation... the MSBuild project has GUIInterative flag set to "True"... this means that it will execute the tests using TestComplete, not TestExecute.  So, it's possible that the machine in question has TestExecute installed... but not TestComplete... in which case, that GUIInteractive flag needs to be set to false. (see Give that a try, RajTC... again, like Colin_McCrae, I'm no MSBuild expert but that seems to be someplace to start.

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        Thank you Colin_McCrae & tristaanogre


        Problem got resolved after re-installing the Testcomplete.


        But now I am getting a new error "C:\TCLog\TCBuild.proj(12,1): error : The requested operation requires elevation"


        Please see below screenshot.