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6 years ago

getting error The window size is (0, 0);

I recorded in test complete and during playback I am getting the error.
How to solve this.

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    The error means what it says: for some reason the link3 object has zero size and thus cannot be clicked.

    You need to find this object in the Object Browser and analyze why its size is zero. There may be different reasons for this. For example, the object may be hovered over by some other UI element which end-user should interact with and the link is used by some script code, but not directly by end-user. Or the link may be within some area that is hidden (by setting its size to zero). After you will figure-out why the link3 element has zero size, you, most probably, will need to analyze the namemapping done automatically by TestComplete for the link3 object and correct it so that the corrected mapping points to the correct (visible) UI element.


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      One possible reason for the zero size could be timing.... if the action prior requires some additional processing (server side or client side) for the link3 to actually be rendered on screen, then the automation could be attempting to click on the link before it's actually ready to be clicked.  I'd look at adding some checks to verify that the object is available to be clicked... a "Wait" method called on the page or a WaitProperty on link3 to wait for the height/width to be non-zero and a "throw" call if the property doesn't render within a particular  set time frame.