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3 years ago

Getting error about port COM11

Recently a portion of my code which uses port COM11 to simulate a scanning barcode feature has stopped working, giving me an error as follows:


System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the port 'COM11' is denied


This is the code in question, it has always worked for years before I even got the project and now suddenly it doesn't. I have tried rebooting the machine, changing the com port, trying different ports, all giving the same error as above.


Dim SerialPort, Port, BaudRate, Parity, DataBits, StopBits
Port = "COM11"
BaudRate = 9600
Parity = None
DataBits = 8
StopBits = 1
Call Delay(1000)
Set SerialPort = dotNet.System_IO_Ports.SerialPort.zctor(Port, BaudRate, Parity, DataBits, StopBits)
SerialPort.Write PLU & Chr(13)