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11 years ago

Getting an error when try to open new page by VB funtions


I am having following funtion wrtten in VB.

Function Navigate1(brow_type,url1)

Call Sys.Browser(brow_type).ToUrl(url1)

End Function

My IE 9 browser is already open.

I am calling the above function as below.

Dim br_type,url1

br_type = "iexplore"

url1 = "http://localhost/TestApp/frmLogin.aspx"

Call Navigate1(br_type,url1)

I am getting following warning message.

The 'Conditional Breakpoint' window is invisible and thus cannot be activated.

Simulating the ESC keystroke to close the unexpected window.

  • Hi Dev,


    Are you using Conditional Breakpoints to debug your test? Try temporarily disabling them.

    Also, please make sure that you are using the latest TestComplete version - v. 9.31.