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8 years ago

Free SmartBear Academy Foundations Series for TestComplete Customers - July 14th and 21st 2016

Hi TC Community!


Please join us for this live two part training series hosted by TestComplete Product Owner, Masha Kozinets. Free to all customers and will occur quarterly starting on July 14th 10:00am EST - 11:00am EST and July 21st 10:30am EST - 11:30am EST.

What you will learn:
a. How Other Customers Like you are Using the Tool
b. Recommended Best Practices with TestComplete
c. Going from Manual Testing to Automated Testing – Experience from Masha a previous Manual Tester

At the end of the two part training Customers that attend will receive a SmartBear Academy Attendee, TestComplete Graduate Certificate.  Attendees will also be invited to take the complementary TestComplete 101 Certification exam.


Reserve your seat now:

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  • Who is this geared toward/would get the most out of it?  Brand new users? Users who have been using it for a year or 2? Or veteran users of several years or more?

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      Hey cshukusky thanks for your interest in SmartBear Academy Foundations Series!  With this first quarterly series training it will be more geared towards newer users but the goal is for even veteran users to walk away with some new helpful tips and tricks.  All are welcome, we hope you can join!

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    Does this training need to be attended in real time, or will recordings be accessible later? My timezone makes this schedule less than ideal.

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      soccerjo Please register for the event and a recording will me emailed out to all those that missed the session.  Thanks!  Check the registration page as topics have been updated! 

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    Wow.. Cool,


    very nice initiative. :)