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3 years ago

Test complete - team foundation integration

I have a question about the integration with team foundation server. We recently added our test complete project to source control. Initially all worked somewhat well but slow. Recently I've been working on a few scripts (.js) and I noticed some unexpected activity. We also use visual studio to track other projects unrelated to test complete in team foundation server. Under pending changes there (in VS) I can also see what's happening with test complete checkouts. 


I have one .js file where if I right click on it in TC and select "check out for edit" it gets checked out. I see an exclamation mark next to the file. If instead of checking it out first I just start typing in the file before I check it out I get a message asking me to check out the file first. This is expected, but when I click OK I get an error message about the .js.tcVis file missing or not having enough permissions. The file actually exists in my local file system and it is not set to read only.


That's one thing. Once I have that .js file checked out, or try to add a new one and then check it in I notice that the whole check in takes very long time/freezes. When I switch to VS' pending changes I see whole bunch of other .tcVis files that are tied to unrelated tests (including keyword tests) getting checked out with [add] action. This does not make any sense to me. What is happening and is this by design? 







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