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3 years ago

Testing a Citrix application via Citrix Viewer and the IQ module

We need to test a Citrix hosted application and are havving trouble with the ClickNextTo function in the Citrix Viewer:

Laptop running TestComplete:  ---> Citrix Viewer -----> Server: Citrix AUT 


Originally a keyword test was used uising the OCR Action ClickNextTo but there is problem with a long delay with the message "Waiting until the window is activated.  The Click action works fine.


function EnterUserNameAndPassword()
  // Recognize the text of the tested application's main window
  var wnd = Aliases.Citrix_Viewer.Form.WinForm.Panel.ATL.Server.wMFService.CtxICADisp;
  var obj = OCR.Recognize(wnd);

  // Find the "Customer Name" label
  var t = obj.BlockByText("user");
  // Enter "John Smith" in the text box to the right of the found label
  t.ClickNextTo(toRight, 25);
  t.SendKeys("John Smith", toRight, 25);

  var t = obj.BlockByText("Password");
  t.ClickNextTo(toRight, 25);
  t.SendKeys("pass", toRight, 25);


With the above setup TC has trouble with the ClickNextTo and SendKeys.  Click is OK.


The identical test was then re-run as follows over Remote Desktop remoting onto a VM running Citrix Viewer:

Laptop running TestComplete:  ---> RDP - -----> VM running Citrix Viewer  -----> Server: Citrix AUT 


The RDP window was mapped and the same code used which worked fine even though it is looking at the same thing.


As a test the AUT was replaced Notepad was used displaying the required text and this worked.  It appears TestComplete is not able to use the CitrixViewer with certain OCR actions (SendKeys) and ClickNextTo.  Clicking and SendKeys is fine.  RDP access is fine.  


Has anyone had the same issue?

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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to share a screenshot of the object we are trying to interact with? TestComplete being on the outside of the Citrix server we will have to use OCR, but I would expect the interaction with the server window to work.