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12 years ago

Editor flying window issues.


I like to work with an editor (in this situation it was the Classes editor) that is out of the TestComplete main window, like this I can read what is in this window and edit another part of the project.

I notice some issues with this practice:

the first is that I am regularly refocused in this window when writing some code in an editor in the main window. Ive no clear action that conduct to this, but it seems that it occurs more particularly when adding a { in the code or another special character. This conduct to edit the last selected item of the other editor, it's not really useful.

The other issue is that I've launch a script for test, and I've lost my window. The editor appears in the list of the opened editor (at the right of the workspace) but I can not see it, neither in the tab or in as a flying window.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hello Christophe,

    Thank you for reporting the problem. I have registered it in our bug-tracking database. We will fix it in one of future releases. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hi,

    I've a better description for the issue that refocused on the "Flying window". This is due to the use of the auto-completion popup. Here is a small scenario to reproduce it :

    - Detach a tabPane of the Workspace and keep it as a flying window

    - in the Workspace, open a script editor.

    - write "function" and write the name you want to use for this function. The auto-completion pop up will appear and propose some word that will of course not be of interest.

    - When you end to write the function name with writing a parenthesis (but it works also with a simple space, bracket, coma, right arrow etc... ) you will be automatically refocused in the flying window.

    Additionally, about the disappearing of the Flying window when running a test, the window was reopened this morning when restarting TestComplete.